Aftercare: Eyebrows

After Care for Permanent Eyebrows:

What to expect and important instructions:

Microblading Aftercare:
Your therapist has applied the appropriate post treatment products after your Microblading treatment.
Your aftercare is as follows:

  • DO NOT touch, wet or apply any other product for the following 5 days AFTER your treatment as this can effect your healed result & disrupt the healing process & pigment retention.
  • ONLY AFTER 5 days you can apply the barrier cream provided 3 to 4 times a day with a clean cotton bud for approximately 10 days.
  • Clean brows with a clean damp cotton pad ONLY.
  • Remember that peeling, flaking, fading & loss of pigment can occur during the next 28 days but DO NOT pick any scabs as this can effect your outcome.
  • All of the above can happen & is completely normal, equally you may have little or no peeling/scabbing.
  • Your follow up procedure is vital & part of the process 4 weeks after your initial procedure.Microblading Hairstroke brows Cape Town


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Return and Refund Policy

While we strive for excellence, mistakes do happen and as client satisfaction is our top priority we respectfully request that we are notified of any concerns or disappointments at a maximum of 72 hours post treatment. For prompt response, kindly WhatsApp us at 076 386 4793, we endeavor to respond to you within 48 hours. Please note that failure to notify us in the stipulated time frame will result in any treatment fixes or refunds to be forfeited.

Products will be accepted within 1 week of purchase on the condition that the product has not been used and the seal is still closed, unfortunately for health and safety reasons we are unable to accept open or used goods.

Vouchers are non-refundable.

Thank you for your understanding