Lash Extensions – Classic/Volume

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Choose only the best eyelash extension experts in Cape Town, don’t risk damaging your natural lashes! Applying great lash extensions takes remarkable fine motor skills, choose therapists who devote their entire day mastering this treatment. At The Urban Beauty Lounge we specialise in each treatment we do, enabling us to say we offer the highest quality eyelash extensions. Special isolation techniques are used to ensure you are guaranteed damage free eyelash extensions. We use the most up to date techniques to fast-cure the adhesive and soft pads to gently protect the bottom lashes and under eyes for your comfort.

The lashes themselves are made of soft and flexible synthetic mink (cruelty free) and are designed to exactly imitate the shape, weight and texture of natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions are for professional use only, and must be applied by therapists trained in applying eyelash extensions. The lengths of the eyelash extensions range from 7mm – 13mm. Its recommended that for your first eyelash extension experience, you should only select a size a few millimetres longer than your actual eyelash length. As for different thicknesses/diameter of each lash extension range from 0.15mm – 0.20mm (Classic Lashes) or 0.7mm – 0.10mm (Volume Lashes) See more about this below:

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions Cape Town
Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extensions come in single lash fibres that are individually attached, one by one, to the natural lash line.


  1. Takes less time to apply
  2. Its more cost effective
  3. Can look very natural and subtle


Volume Lash Extensions -Russian 3D Volume & Hollywood

Volume Lash Extensions
Volume Lash Extensions

Russian Volume Lashes consist of applying multiple lash extensions to each natural eyelash in a fanned shape. This can result in having 200- 500 eyelash extensions applied to each eye, rather than the regular 80-100 extensions per eye with the classic 1:1 eyelash extensions. More…..


  1. Fluffier look – fine fibres attached onto natural lashes
  2. Lighter weight lashes – 3 fine hairs equal a lighter weight lash than 1 classic extension – less damage
  3. They cling to the natural lashes and last longer before fills are required
  4. They feel soft and feathery
  5. More volume/thickness can be achieved with this technique yet can also look natural

Lash Fills – Maintenance

It is advisable to go and have lash fills once you have had your eyelash extensions. All of us have a different lash cycle, therefore our eyelashes fall out at different rates, so use your discretion. Its recommended you come for fills every 2-3 weeks.

Please note, situated right next door to Vida E Caffe (noisy) our environment is vibey and upbeat. Ours has become a meeting place to catch up and chat! This may not be suited to everyone. Even though we have background music, please feel free to bring earphones with your own selection of music to lull you to sleep!

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Return and Refund Policy

While we strive for excellence, mistakes do happen and as client satisfaction is our top priority we respectfully request that we are notified of any concerns or disappointments at a maximum of 72 hours post treatment. For prompt response, kindly WhatsApp us at 076 386 4793, we endeavor to respond to you within 48 hours. Please note that failure to notify us in the stipulated time frame will result in any treatment fixes or refunds to be forfeited.

Products will be accepted within 1 week of purchase on the condition that the product has not been used and the seal is still closed, unfortunately for health and safety reasons we are unable to accept open or used goods.

Vouchers are non-refundable.

Thank you for your understanding